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Rock & Roll Boat Trailers in Opa Locka, Florida, offers the professional and reliable services you can count on, 24-hours a day.
From boat trailer sales, repairs, and transporation to boat shrink wrap and cradling, we offer everyhing you need to enjoy your boat and trailer for many years.


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Structural I-Beams
Boat Trailer Components (Cross Members, Fenders, Brackets)

We use only 100% USA made highest quality 6061 alloy machine grade aluminum, which properties include ideal characteristics for manufacturing more useful and durable product with its strength, toughness and lightweight.

SS Hardware

Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Washers, Fasteners

We provide our customers with high quality USA made stainless steel hardware, also called marine grade stainless steel, is used primary for its increased resistance to corrosion.

Wheels and Tires

We use top quality radial tires, which allow a trailer to transfer more power to the ground; and bias ply trailer tires, which are constructed with nylon steel belts of the tire running at 30-45-degree angle of the tread center line. Crosshatch construction provides stronger sidewalls. We also have wide selection of wheels for your trailer, please follow the link for more details:


Rockwell American

100% USA highly engineered trailer running gear components and systems, which is completely self-contained within the axle tube. It attaches directly to the trailer frame using brackets which are an integral part of the axle assembly. State-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly equipment ensure consistent tolerances, structurally sound welds.

LED Lights

All our LED lights are top quality brands, longer lasting and much brighter, featuring waterproof capsules to protect bulbs from corrosion and thermo shock during launching and loading.

Bunks and Carpet

Every trailer is equipped with pressure treated fully carpeted bunk boards with top quality marine carpet

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